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HomeSetsNice – 1 oz Set Limited Edition
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Nice – 1 oz Set Limited Edition

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A terrific trio of fresh, clean and delectable scents at a very nice price.
Perfect for Valentine’s Day or anytime, anywhere.

Baby Powder
As clean and as fresh as it gets, just like the proverbial freshly powdered baby’s behind. Demeter’s Baby Powder takes you on a journey through the pleasures and scents of childhood.

Angel Food
Almost edible. How many angels can dine on this food? Many apparently. It is one of our broadest appeal scents. With Vanilla and sugar as part of the ingredients, how can you miss?

Pure Soap
Feel fresh from the shower clean, anytime, anywhere. There is nothing quite like the clean smell of freshly showered skin, especially when a pure, unscented soap is used. Demeter's Pure Soap is a subtle yet powerful scent, the kind of fragrance that is Pure Demeter.
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