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Beautiful purple-blue, blue-purple pendulous poesie... We think of our version of Wisteria's sweet scent as "Surprised by Wisteria". Imagine walking by a neighbor's house or garden and suddenly being aware of the beautiful, sweet-elegant, scent wafting to your nose. You had forgotten the beauty of it over the Fall and Winter, and the gnarled wisteria vine clinging for life couldn't remind you of the coming beauty. You are surprised by the joy it brings back to memory. The feeling of being away from it, the small distance of lawn and fence, gives a lovely sense of distance. The way we find the right distance to view a painting in a museum. That's the sense of distance from the scent that we wanted to capture in our Wisteria: that you should feel you were that distance from the source when you smell it. A few floral facts: Wisteria was first cultivated in China and Japan, and is also seen in Bonsai formats. It is a member of the same botanical family as a garden-variety Pea. It came to North America in the 18th century as trade with China grew and was named after Dr. Casper Wister, an professor of anatomy (oddly enough), who promoted its cultivation. It's the flower that casts its eyes on the ground that brings so much joy to the nose.
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