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They just keep coming baacckkk! If you’ve always dreamed of smelling like a walking corpse, you’re in luck, because our Zombie
for Him and Her are back again, but just for a limited time.

If the Zombie Apocalypse happens tomorrow, you might find yourself all alone in a world filled with the brain-eating undead.
What would you do?

Any way you slice and dice it, you need a different kind of fragrance. Fragrances that can make the living pass for dead without
overwhelming, and the dead simply pass without offending.

Now you don’t need to hide in fear and wait for the moment you run out of bullets and supplies because  Demeter has the answer.
And it’s your best, and maybe only bet, for staying alive!

With Demeter’s Zombie fragrances, feel free to roam between the walking dead, without them even noticing the presence of your
warm body.

Don’t wait for the impending doom. Demeter’s Zombie for Him and for Her will only be around until November 3rd, so you might
want to stock up!
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Zombie Duo 1 oz Set
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Zombie for Him
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Zombie for Her
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