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Cosmopolitan Cocktail

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We love a good cocktail........

True to the legendary Cosmo, this fragrance is an inviting and refreshing combination of Vodka, Cranberry Juice, a hint of Lime Juice and a touch of Cointreau. Maybe it will evoke memories of a sunset on the pier in sandals, or maybe an elegant black tie affair. Our own favorite is the lobby bar at the Mission Inn in Sonoma, California, right after we check in, before even going to the room. Regardless of the time, place or person Demeter's Cosmopolitan Cocktail evokes for you, rest assured, you will feel and smell wonderful!

No one seems to have bothered recording who mixed the first Cosmo, though many drink historians and bartenders agree that the gay community in Provincetown, Massachusetts, should be credited with the accomplishment. Occasionally, the name Cheryl Cook will surface, but it leads only to San Francisco, never to an actual person. Many bartenders - such as John Caine, owner of San Francisco's Cafe Mars and undisputed West Coast champion of this drink - partly credit the Cosmopolitan with the resurgence of the cocktail during the '70s. The popularity of the Cosmopolitan quickly traveled from New England to New York and then across the country. Imbibers like MacGyver drink it, and Hunter S. Thompson - the self-proclaimed "mad doctor of gonzo journalism" - managed to get it cited in an affidavit used in The People of the State of Colorado v. Hunter Stockton Thompson.
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 Cosmopolitan Cocktail
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