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The Martini-No other cocktail has attained quite the mystique, especially since its genesis is lost in mists of time. And simply sipping a well-crafted Martini confers all that mystique on you. There is even a certain Martini culture: books, bars, and a whole swinging ethos. We always believe in the Gin Martini. And we've heard that it was just a marketing ploy by Vodka makers that appeared to indicate that a Martini could just as easily be made with Vodka instead of gin. If you're the type that likes a good Martini, experiment with several different brands of gin, different ratios of dry and/or sweet vermouth, and a few dashes of Bitters, you might earn a new appreciation for some of the complexities that can accompany "a simple blend of Gin and Vermouth". And that is exactly the fragrance notes you will find in Demeter's martini-"a simple blend of Gin and Vermouth"-and  a hint of olive.
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