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Patchouli, Demeter Naturals

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Patchouli gets a bad rap as a harsh and overpowering relic from the 60's. At Demeter, we wanted to show you the more, user-friendly, less experienced side of Patchouli. It is amazing what kind of smells you can produce using a light, high-grade patchouli, instead of the rough stuff.

Demeter Naturals Patchouli starts with an intoxicating Patchouli heart that evolves with delectable layers of orange, cardamom and nutmeg, and ends crisply with hints of cedar and vetiver.

Patchouli Drove Me Mad
By Jandolin Marks

She took a bath in Patchouli soap... and I wanted her to know...
I needed her to stick around... (and did not want her to go)...
The scent of Patchouli drove me mad... (she was like a human flower)...
instead of fading away in time... it grew stronger by the hour...
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 Patchouli, Demeter Naturals
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