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Virtual Scoop Shoppe 1 oz Set

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If there is anything more nostalgic and American than the Scoop Shoppe, we have yet to discover it.

Celebrate a simple and innocent era, and smell great at the same time, with these three light, smooth, ice cream-style fragrances from Demeter Fragrance Library.

Slightly nutty, slightly sweet, cool and creamy, Demeter's Pistachio Ice Cream is one of those rare fragrances that is ideal for all times and all seasons. Do not wear this one unless you are prepared for attention and lots of compliments.

What could be more scrumptious than Strawberry Ice Cream, made with the freshest strawberries and sweet cream? A refreshing treat from Demeter, on a hot summer's day, or anytime you need a bit of summer year around.

It took hundreds of years of waiting, and the determination of Demeter Fragrance Library, between the invention of ice cream, as we know it, and ice cream as a wearable fragrance. Demeter's Vanilla Ice Cream is sinfully rich, but also bright, warm and inviting, like the summer's day that inspired it.
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